Sui Generis exhibition at Plas Bodfa, Wales

66 projects from 62 creatives

April 13-28th

My contribution is an Immure inspired installation in room N

Fringe Arts Bath Festival 24 May - 9 June

36 Exposures


In addition to my practice as experimental sculptor I also work with found slides and vintage projection equipment. Aspects of memory and how to capture it, visualize it are ideas I would like to introduce through these 2D pieces. The slides are discarded, rejected by previous, unknown owners and are now being exhibited without any references; no dates, no (place) names. In this piece titled ‘Reference Material – Current Topics’ the slides have not been mounted on a light box. Feedback in the past has been negative; ‘you can barely see what is on the slides’. But that is exactly the point. They are foggy, like someone’s clouded memory, someone who can’t remember details. The faded Agfa colours could be from around the 70s and have a slightly uncanny feel. 

The human brain - which sometimes is referred to as the most complex system in the known universe - is a memory system that maps memories. It needs to encode, store and retrieve information. This piece can also be seen as an artificial ‘brain’ in which an assortment of slide/memories is stored. However, there is no systematic approach here; they are filed in a completely random way.