Artist statement for Recollections I & II and We Are All Ephemeral


Dislocations and memory have been some of the continuing themes in my work; ideas about mortality and a fascination with death accompany these preoccupations. Recollections I & II are references to human fragility. The use of reclaimed wood is a metaphor for our own roots. Where do we come from, what are we made of? The found objects like the vintage pedestal and small table are there to emphasize aspects of history and the loss of a sense of home.

We Are All Ephemeral consists of a set of test tubes filled with feathers. These are all found objects, resembling laboratory specimens. The title is self-explanatory: the feathers are trying to escape from one open tube, like someone’s last breath. This sculpture conveys transcience and acknowledges human dissolution with pseudo scientific precision. 


Image 1: pieces of the Incunabula serie shown at The Ceramics Studio, Ettington

Image 2: publicity photograph for Warwickshire Open Studios 2016

Image 3: solo exhibition titled Metanoia at Althorpe Studios & Gallery, Leamington Spa

Image 4: detail of Memory Bank sculpture included in AMA pop-up show at Althorpe Studios & Gallery, Leamington Spa

Image 5: Recollection II included in UKArtists show at The Artists' Workhouse, Studley

Image 6: one of the Metanoia works included in Close To Home display at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum