The outside sculptures are inspired by the controversial film-maker and artist Derek Jarman (1942-1994). Karen Stephenson, studio owner and I are great admirers of his oeuvre. In particular his cottage and sculpture garden in Dungeness have had great resonance with both of us and Karen’s own courtyard garden has areas dedicated to elements. 


I used salvaged wood, thinking about beach combing. There are also reclaimed blue and white tiles, neon spray paint, cement and chicken wire in these pieces. The triangular forms can be loosely interpreted as cabin like, or as sails of a ship. The color blue refers to Jarman’s film Blue and to the sea and water. The cement has got sand like qualities and details of water bubbles. The hidden neon spray paint tells the story of Derek’s punk roots and the bright side of him living openly as a gay man. The white tiles have sterile, clinical characteristics, like hospital tiles, indicating to him dying of AIDS. The chicken wire relates to the metal he used in his own garden sculptures. And perhaps refers to being fenced in, being cut off the main stream.